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Frequently Asked Questions

Q:       Who is Eligible to Play?

A:        Any boy or girl grades 3 through 8 who (1) has their principal residence within the St. Joan parish boundaries, or (2) attended faith formation classes at St Joan last year and continues to be enrolled for the current year.  Click here for parish boundaries map to see if you are within the parish boundaries.

Q:        How can I become a coach?

A:        Register online and the appropriate athletic director will review your application and contact you regarding your coaching placement. Click here to submit your online application.

​Q:        How are players placed on teams?

A:        Tryouts are scheduled to give the coaches an opportunity to evaluate players. In grades 4 through 8, the American ("A") coaches select 10 players after which the National ("B") coaches divide the remaining players through a draft process. For third grade, all teams are National teams selected through a player draft.  Tryout schedule will be posted on the home page when available.    

Q:        Is there a chance my child will be cut and not allowed to play?

A:        Possibly.  Scenarios that might make this happen are (1) if we don't have enough coaches or practice gym availability; or (2) your player does not reside within the parish boundaries; or (3) the grade level is full.

Q:        How do I know which team my child is on?

A:        Your coach will contact you shortly after the teams are selected, usually within 24-48 hours.

Q:        How is it determined when practices will be?

A:        After teams are selected, coaches are given the opportunity to select practice times for their teams.  Typically they are allocated a couple of one hour sessions per week. Sessions can be Monday through Friday, any time between 4 pm and 9 pm, or Saturday, any time between 9 am and 9 pm. Locations include St. Joan, Iron Horse MS, Charlotte Wood MS, and other local gyms. While coaches try to do their best to accommodate various conflicts and concerns, they can't always satisfy everyone. No trades or refunds can be granted based on possible dissatisfaction with your child's team's practice schedule.  We also make every effort to ensure coaches do not schedule practices on what will be their grade's Faith Formation night.

Q:        Who is in charge of the coaches?

A:        The athletic directors will field any questions or concerns you have in regard to the coaches. There are separate athletic directors for the boys' and girls' teams. 

Q:        Can my child be placed on the same team as a friend?

A:        No, team placement is made through the player draft.

Q:        How much does it cost to play and how is the registration money used/allocated?

A:        As of 2022-03, the fees are $400 per player.  Additional siblings are $285.  The registration money pays for the gymnasiums, referees, uniforms, a t-Shirt for each player, coaches’ shirts, and one tournament for each team.

Q:        Are there any extra costs involved?

A:        Each team decides if it wants to pay for extra tournaments, gear (e.g., sweatshirts), trophies, coach gifts, etc.  None of these costs are mandatory.

Q:        When are the games?

A:        League games are mostly on Sunday afternoons, with a possible Saturday here and there. Tournament games could be any time on Saturday or Sunday.

Q:        How long does the season last?

A:        Practice usually starts in late September or early October. League games start in late October or early November and last through late January or early February. If your team makes it to the playoffs, you could play up until mid-February.

Q:       Can my child be traded to another St. Joan team because (fill in reason)?

A:       No. All team assignments are made through the draft process and are final.​