CYO Coaches' Certification - Required for All Coaches! 

All CYO Coaches must be certified to coach prior to each sports season.   This page summmarizes the coach certification and safe environment requirements.
There are typically 3 steps involved in Coach Certification: 
1. Complete Virtus Online Training (<1 hour)
2. Pass Fingerprinting (Live Scan) - typically conducted at St. Joan (<30 minutes)
3. Attend a Coach Workshop (one evening for 2-3 hours)
If you have previously completed #1 and #2, you might not be required to perform those steps again this year.   
Certification cards are presented to coaches who complete program requirements at the end of the workshop. All coaches should carry their certification cards with them to all the games and be prepared to present them when requested. Failure to present a card within 48 hours will result in a forfeit for the team. Any person on the bench must have a valid certification card. 
Additional specifics will be distributed to registered coaches in the summer, prior to the start of practices.  
Thank you,
Gary Beeler
Head Athletic Director
St Joan of Arc CYO