CYO Coaches' Certification - Required for All Coaches! 

All CYO Coaches must be certified to coach prior to each sports season.  This page contains certification requirements, safe environment requirements and current information on CYO Coaches' Certification Workshops.
Coaches' Certification Workshops - Workshops to certify coaches will be held prior to the beginning of each sport season. Coaches who attend a Coaches' Certification Workshop, and who meet program requirements, will be certified to coach in that sport for that school year.  All teams must have a certified coach to participate in CYO.  
There are 3 steps involved in Coach Certification: 
1. Complete Virtus Online Training
2. Pass Fingerprinting (Live Scan Clearance) 
3. Attend a Coach Workshop
If you have previously completed #1 and #2, you might not be required to perform those steps again this year.   More on that below.  
1. Virtus Online Training.  For the 2019-20 season, coaches must have taken Virtus Training after July 1, 2017.    Here is a link to where you can register for and take the online training: Diocese Page With Link to Virtus Registration.  The course is titled "Protecting God's Children Online Awareness 3.0".   When you are finished, please print the Training Report Page or Summary Page listing course completion and Live Scan Clearance.  These will be demanded at the Coach Workshop.  The Training Certificate is no longer sufficient proof of completion.  The Training Report is located under the "My Report" link beneath the Toolbox Menu when logged into Virtus at a computer.  
2.  Fingerprinting.  Coaches who have been successfully fingerprinted for the Diocese of Oakland (CYO or another diocesan agency) do not have to be re-fingerprinted.    This year we plan to offer fingerpriting at the St. Joan mandatory coaches meeting in September.  If you cannot be fingerprinted at St. Joan's:  Click Here for a Complete List of Fingerprinting Opportunities.
3.  Coach Workshop.  All coaches must attend a Coach Workshop to become certified.  St Joan's will pay only for the Tri-Valley Workshop.  Other workshops may require a small fee at the door.  A link to a full list of local Certification Workshops is here: Click Here for the Complete List of Certification Opportunities.   The workshops are in person and last a couple of hours -- you must attend the entire program!   At registration for the Workshop, be prepared to show 2 items:  1) Photo ID, 2) your Virtus "Training Report Page" or "Summary Page" listing Virtus course completion & Live Scan clearance.  Do not bring the training certificate. The Training Report is located under the "My Report" link beneath the Toolbox Menu when logged into Virtus from a computer.   The Training Report Page must show a training date after July 1, 2017 AND your Live Scan Clearance Date.  If you need assistance, email Grace House ghouse@oakdiocese.org or Diana Bitz at dbitz@oakdiocese.org.   
Additional Certification Requirements.  The certified coaches of the team must be high school age or older. Coaches are screened following Coaches Workshops under the provisions of "Megan's Law" and will be fingerprinted. Coaches must agree to follow the "Diocesan Safe Environment "Code of Conduct Involving Interaction with Minors."
Certification Cards.  Certification cards are presented to coaches who complete program requirements at the end of the workshop. All coaches should carry their certification cards with them to all the games and be prepared to present them when requested. Failure to present a card within 48 hours will result in a forfeit for the team. Any person on the bench or in the dugout (excluding team members and scorekeepers) must have a valid certification card. 
Finally, here is the Coaches' Certification Registration Form.  If you complete this ahead of time, and bring it with you to the Certification Workshop, it saves time.
Thank you,
Gary Beeler
Head Athletic Director
St Joan of Arc CYO