Welcome to the Practice Time Selection Page for Grades 3-5

Sign Ups Are Scheduled for Mid to Late September

Most Important Detail:  You Must Use The Same eMail You Used to Register As A Coach - That Is How The System Recognizes You As Having Permissions to View and/or Sign Up for Practice Times

The first sign up will be for practice times in October and November.  For this period of time, we have enough gym time reserved for each team to receive a minimum of 2 hours per week.  The goal is for each team to have 1 practice hour during the week (M-F), and 1 practice hour on Saturday.  

IMPORTANT FOR 3RD GRADE TEAMS:  For Session 1, you MUST select 1 of your practice hours at an Elementary School.  No exceptions.  We are so limited in availability during the week that we have no choice fo route 1 of your 2 hours to a smaller gym.

We expect that come December, teams will move down to 1 practice hour per week, and supplement with additional "single practice slots."  We'll know more as we get closer to mid-November what we will have for December and January.  February times are by invite only and restricted to American Teams and Grade 4-8 National Teams making the Tri-Valley Playoffs.

To prevent gridlock, each coach will be randomly assigned to a group (Group A - D).  There will be a schedule coming out shortly that will list your time to select.  The sign-ups will not be "live" for you until your Group's turn to choose.

Locations This Year for Grades 3-5 Are:  Iron Horse, St Joan, Pine Valley, Windemere Ranch, Gale Ranch, Greenbrook, and Baldwin.

Caveat:  Two-Team Head Coaches will select before regular Head Coaches.


  • 3rd Grade Teams MUST have 1 practice at an elementary school gym.  You will not be given access to other time until your first slot is selected at an elementary school.
  • If an "extra" hour is sitting vacant 7 days prior, any coach may take it regardless of the number of hours.
  • We cannot guarantee any night of the week or time of the evening.
  • Do not expect to make everyone on your team happy with the practice times you select.  Do your best.  It's most important that you choose a time that works best for you - the volunteer Head Coach and the majority of your team.  We do not schedule around Soccer.
  • No stacking slots (choosing two consecutive hours) without prior approval.
  • Choose wisely.  We are tight on space and after you make your selection, there will be no switching.
  • If you try to sign up outside the guidelines, your sign ups will be deleted and you'll have to start over.  


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