Each year, other parishes within the Diocese and local AAU organizations offer pre-season and holiday break tournament opportunities.  Available tournaments for 2019/20 season will be posted here in the Fall.  St. Joan will reimburse teams for one tourament entry (not counting any fees charged for fans).  See below for more information. 


2019-2020 MVP Tournament (Walnut Creek) Dates & Forms:


Click here for other tournament options. 


2019-20 Oakland Diocese Tournaments are Visible Here


Tournament Reimbursement Policy

St. Joan will pay for one tournament for each team.   The maximum reimbursement will be $245.00

MVP and Flames Athletics Tournaments.  We have an arrangement with those leagues to bill the Parish directly, so please use Option 2 below.  DO NOT send a check directly to tournaments run by these programs.

Non-MVP/Flames Tournaments.  You have two ways to pay for the Tournament:

  1.  You pay for the tournament directly and send the tournament information to barnesrs@comcast.net for reimbursement.   You will be reimbursed by St Joan of Arc CYO.  For this option, please send the following information:
    • Tournament Name/Information:
    • To whom did you make the check made payable to
    • Address, City, Zip of the payee
    • Your Team Number (either St Joan’s Team or TriValley team)
  1. Send the tournament information to   .   St Joan of Arc CYO will then send in the registration fee on your behalf.   Please allow St Joan of Arc CYO ample time (at least a week) to do this.  Tournament information needed:
    • Name and Address of the Tournament
    • Name and Phone Number/eMail Address of the Tournament Director or Contact Person
    • Date of the Tournament
    • Cost of the Tournament
    • Who to make the check payable to
    • Deadline to send in check
    • Your team number (either St Joans or TriValley)

Should your team decide to participate in any additional tournaments, all fees will be your/your team’s responsibility. 

CYO rules state that each team may only participate in 4 tournaments during a season.