In order to be eligible to play for St Joan in the upcoming season, ALL PLAYERS must reside within the St. Joan CYO boundaries. All addresses of new players will be verified.  The ONLY exception to this rule is if your player has attended religious instruction (Faith Formation) this year (2021) AND last year (2020).  We will verify this against church records to verify eligibility.  

If you are unsure which parish your address falls within, click here to enter your address and verify which parish you should register your players for.


2021-2021 Registration Information - UPDATED 6/17/2021

We are expecting to have a Fall 2021-2022 Season.  Player registration is expected to start after 6/30/2021.  Please check back for updates.  


August 1, 2020: Prospective Player Registration Begins 

Returning players (those who played at St. Joan of Arc in the 2019-20 season) will be granted priority through August 15, 2020.  Fees are due by credit card at the time of registration.

All other players will be waitlisted until the returning player priority period has expired and eligibility is verified, then accepted in order of date of registration until all available slots are filled.  Players who are accepted will have four (4) days from notification to pay online by credit card or be dropped back to the bottom of the waitlist.  

Additional Information

Returning players may register and pay immediately by credit card.  This includes 3rd grade siblings of returning/grandfathered players.   Returning players will lose their registration priority on August 15.  If a returning player registers after August 15, they will be automatically placed at the bottom of the waitlist.  3rd grade siblings that have older brother/sisters in the program qualify for returning 3rd grader status (have priority over completely new 3rd graders).

New Player Information

All new players may register immediately, but will be automatically waitlisted pending address verification and subject to grade level availability.  Once your address has been verified and we have confirmed that we have space for your new player, we will remove your player from the waitlist and send an email with payment instructions. 

New Player Exception:  You may register your 3rd grader as a returning player IF (and only if), he/she has an older sibling already playing for St. Joan.

All Player Information

ALL REGISTRATION PAYMENTS MUST BE MADE WITHIN FOUR (4) DAYS.  Failure to make payment within four days will result in your player being moved to the bottom of the waitlist.

The demand for participation in our boys’ program was overwhelming last year.  We expect to fill up in all boys’ grades, and most girls’ grades.  We will only accept the number of players that we have coaches for.

Our gym time contracts are impacted this year.  As a result, it is possible that we will have fewer teams in each grade level than in past years.  Please do not delay in registering your player(s) for the upcoming season.



$340 per player*

$225 for each additional player from same family

*At the direction of St. Joan of Arc Church, we will no longer offer parishioner discounted fees.


Payment Options

We are collecting all payments online this year by credit card.  We will accept Visa and Mastercard.   

Note:  We do not accept AMEX, Discover, or paper checks by mail.  We also no longer accept eChecks.

No Refunds unless specifically acknowledged in writing by an Athletic Director.


Still have questions?  Click here to visit our Frequently Asked Questions


2021-22 Boys & Girls Tryout Schedule - TBD 


Boys Girls
  • 3rd Grade: TBD
  • 4th Grade: TBD
  • 5th Grade: TBD
  • 6th Grade: TBD
  • 7th Grade: TBD
  • 8th Grade: TBD
  • 3rd Grade: TBD
  • 4th Grade: TBD
  • 5th Grade: TBD
  • 6th Grade: TBD
  • 7th Grade: TBD
  • 8th Grade: TBD


Tryouts will take place at St. Joan of Arc - 2601 San Ramon Valley Blvd, San Ramon. 

Please re-check and confirm dates/times prior to tryouts.