2022-2023 Tryout Dates are now posted below 


Every registered player makes a team.

Our tryout process is just meant to ensure a fair distribution of players among the various teams. Parents are encouraged to discuss the selection process below with players in advance of tryouts.

  • Players should arrive at their tryout time in regular practice gear. Don't bring basketballs. All players will be assigned an identifying "bib" which they will wear throughout the tryout session. After putting on the bib, warm up a bit and wait for instructions. At the end of the tryout, return the bib and exit the gym.
  • A group of coaches will watch the players go through drills and scrimmages, and take whatever notes they feel are necessary. Except for 3rd grade, each grade will have one assigned American head coach and usually several National head coaches. In most cases, a head coach will have already designated his or her assistant coach.
  • For 3rd graders, after the tryout the coaches will meet to go through a round robin draft process. Each head coach's child will be automatically assigned to his or her team, as will (where applicable) the child of any designated assistant coach. Coaches can't put together teams based on player friendships, carpooling, etc. except to the extent that they may decide to make draft picks for such reasons in the ordinary draft process. All 3rd grade teams are National teams.
  • For 4th through 8th grades, the American head coach will select his or her team members first. The draft for National teams will then proceed as described above.
  • In order to facilitate the tryout process, some players may be asked to sit out the final portion of the on court tryout. These are generally children of coaches and/or players the American team head coach has decided to select and/or players all the coaches believe they have seen enough. This allows the coaches to focus on a smaller group of players as the tryout draws to a close.
  • Players will be informed of their team assignments by their coaches. Coaches are told to contact parents of all team members within 48 hours. This does not always occur. However, if more than 72 hours go by without your being notified, please contact either the boys' or girls' athletic director to advise him or her of that fact.
  • Once a player is assigned to a team, his or her coach will also provide further information about practices, uniforms, games, etc.
  • American Teams: In grades 4 through 8, American teams have practice and game schedules similar to those of National teams, but compete at a somewhat higher level. Selection of American team members is at the sole direction of head coaches, who may have different criteria. Generally speaking, American team head coaches are looking to put together not just the best players in the grade, but a combination of players they believe will be the most competitive. Unfortunately, some players are very concerned about making the American team and may be disappointed if they don't.  While there are advantages to playing on the American team, there are also advantages to being one of the first picks on a National team versus one of the last picks on an American team. We encourage all players to work hard, have fun, and be ready for whatever opportunities may present themselves.


2022 - 2023 Tryout Dates


Boys Girls
  • 3rd Grade: Tues 9/27 - 5:30pm

  • 4th Grade: Friday 9/16 - 5:30pm

  • 5th Grade:  Tues 9/20 - 5:30pm

  • 6th Grade: Tues 9/27 - 7pm

  • 7th Grade:  Fri 9/16 - 7pm

  • 8th Grade: Tues 9/20 - 7pm

  • 3rd Grade: Fri 9/23 - 5:30pm

  • 4th Grade: Tues 9/13 - 5:30pm

  • 5th Grade: Thurs 9/15 - 5:30pm

  • 6th Grade: Fri 9/23 - 7pm

  • 7th Grade:  Tues 9/13 - 7pm

  • 8th Grade:  Thurs 9/15 - 7pm

Tryouts will take place at St. Joan of Arc - 2601 San Ramon Valley Blvd, San Ramon. 

Please re-check this page and confirm dates/times prior to tryouts.